Wednesday, 17 October 2012

What Has Life Taught You?

We are so busy with our daily routine and luxuries surrounding us that hardly we have ever thought if the life which we are enjoying had made us a different person or anything which we have learnt from it?

Any lesson to be shared?

Just another thought the other day - and then I really thought about it if any lessons I have learnt apart from what delivered by others?

There are millons of quotes shared by people but anything which is just delivered by you?

If you think you are special - the reason for being special has to be a lesson which life taught you. Coz everybody is special and for everybody life has something special waiting to be explored.

My lesson of life - Relationship are the treasure of life and it can really be ruined by your ego , anger ,stubbornness and arrogance.

What has life taught you?

The Power is Within YOU!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Thoughts Make Your Life

Thoughts are what make your life. Its a summation of your thoughts which drives you,motivates you.

Probably the most vital lesson we can learn in life is the importance of what we think. Some say that if they knew what you think, they would know what you are. Indeed our thoughts make us what we are. If we think failure we will fail. If we think of lack and worry we will have lack and worry. If we think happy thoughts we will be happy.

Thoughts are things and they affect other things, other very real and material things that we generally consider solid and stable. Our modern world is a virtual reality. You only have to walk in a modern city to see this. Everywhere you turn from the concrete underfoot to the skyscrapers, cars, mobile phones, chairs, clothing, bikes and so on. All of these things were first and foremost a thought.

The great work of art,literature,architecture,intelligence everything was initally a THOUGHT!!But yes, even the act of terrorism,violence, fights are also some thoughts!!

So can we stop thinking ? Nopes, the only thing is we need to process of what to think. The RIGHT THINKING, which leads toa right direction and then right results.

The Power is Within YOU!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Angel Of The Day - Harmony

The Angel Of Harmony showered its blessings today. I need to be harmony... to be together, the feeling of enjoying with others and just not solitude. The Feeling of being Alive ... The feeling of making others smile ... The feeling of being one of them ...

The Power is Within YOU!