Wednesday, 15 October 2014

No Regret

Often it happens, we hurt our close ones,knowingly or unknowingly and when we realize we feel bad/guilty about it. Specifically "Women" in that matter. [I dont mean to say that martians dont feel bad, but women in general are more affected is what I feel].

DON'T REGRET!! Ask for forgiveness and also forgive others. Don't let the seed of anger,frustration,guilt be implanted in you. Just Let it GO....

You wake up early morning get ready on time and as you come to parking and unlock your car you realize you are having flat Tyre, you get late for office, miss the meeting and eventually boss scolds you , you are already annoyed and when your wife or team member ask for assistance - you simply blow out. For the same scenario if you are not that senior in office and unmarried, you just let that annoyance remain within you, you simply go back to work with may be an intention - I need to find a new job or I'll see him!!

In both these scenario you are implanting a seed of anger [ negative energy] within you, which will affect you may be causing physical pain or mental stress and overall influencing your spiritual being.

If you read the above scenario again, you would see nobody planned for this. right? Did you already knew [even if you had, was there a way you could have avoided it] that you would be scolded in office today and you would let that frustration passed out to your wife? No .right? So then why feel guilty about it? But the best part is your "REALIZATION" that you hurt someone, that it self is a big thing and many ignorant never ever feel that.

Once you "REALIZED" it, if possible say sorry or else ask Reiki for forgiveness [you need to be true with your intentions] and also forgive your boss as he scolded you [ may be even he had a bad day ;)]
Don't look back again and regret!! It was meant to be that way. Just MOVE ON... 

The Power is Within YOU!

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Is Reiki Working?

Many of my student had asked me this question, Its not working for me somehow, or How do I know reiki is working?

I don't have a definite answer, trust me as we are so much out of touch of our prana and mind, that we always have a doubt on our instincts and behavior.We mostly are slaves of our minds, or our doubts and start applying logical thinking to any solution we see.

So above statement holds good for Reiki as well, its an energy vibrating at "x" frequency, is it working on me? How do you know? Unless I see some positive results, or some miracle happening. That's not the only sign of its working.

Reiki works at a very deeper level, which to experience also we need to practice it for years and actually feel its vibration, now I don't mean that people who believe or feel some vibration, or heat, or itchiness is all fake during reiki practice but what I mean to say is you really need exhaustive practice to actually feel it at physical level.

If a person is practicing Reiki or taking healing sessions, Reiki is Flowing  for sure, but would that person feel it depends [ on following] and may vary from one individual to another:

  • Mental State
  • Receptivity
  • Nature of his work
  • Past Seeds 
  • Practice Session
If the above points are in good shape, and still person has doubt, consider following :

  • Was the Attunement proper? If you have a doubt, you can ask your teacher to attune you again or may be you can look for new teacher as well.
  • Be Patient
  • Trust, Trust and Trust yourself. Trust that the Reiki is flowing.
  • Practice it positively, daily
  • Jot down your feelings during the reiki practice session and if possible analyse them

And for sure it would pay off :)

The Power is Within YOU!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Doubt Bigger Than FAITH

It was during my Reiki classes that I asked - Maa, how can you be sure that it can be done? And she replied to me, when your FAITH is bigger than your doubt, all executions are possible.

This statement was like golden words for me.

How many times we ourselves doubt our own existence?

I'm fat!!
I'm not goodlooking!!
I may not clear my exams!
My promotion is due, but dont see any possibilities
I'm suffering from this ailment or the other
And the list can go on and on...
Then, why should we blame or feel bad about it? We believe these things and so we receive back the same. Shouldn't we believe in ourselves more than anybody else. Nobody can know your potential unless you believe it lets show that to world that I believe in myself and can do anything and achieve all that I desire and deserve.

Remember - The Power is Within YOU!

The Power is Within YOU!

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Mornings - The Beauty Of It!

Mornings are just so powerful and spiritual.

Since ancient time we are advised to get up early and get into action, but with the modern age and lifestyle we have sort of being a night person. Hooking to tv, internet, phone or late night calls.

How you start any task does say much about how it would be executed and what would be the end results. Many people start with morning newspaper, and they are all filled with negative thoughts so our mind is at the start of the day disturbed leading to further frustration in case the same person encounters any other problem during the day.

How about starting the day at calm pace and with relaxed thoughts. Again there are many ways of doing so...

  • Reading a spiritual article/book
  • Listening to bhajans
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Prayer
  • Walk

A human mind is just a wired connection which takes input and produces output , so how should be the input? The clean and clear mind is much more capable of inventing..discovering...exploring infinite possibilities which a disturbed mind is not.

Start your note with a fresh note - soak in the energy mornings give you...pure, plain,true,bright,energized,simple.... charge yourself and see the results!!

The Power is Within YOU!