Saturday, 4 June 2011

How I got into it?

How and when the inclination happened I don't know?
It was just another day , my life was not so cheerful as it used to be. The struggle in office and then pressure for marrige. It was affecting me. I used to medidate but somehow things didn't worked out.

I always feel that if you are have to suffer you would! The amount of pain you need to bear you are entitled to would always be there , its your wish How you handle it? Just like another day ... or cribbing... irritating...and demotivating yourself more.

My friend searched for some Tarot Card readers in pune and asked me to call them and visit them . May be that helps.I called one of them... It was ringing and suddenly I disconnected it, thinking let me make up my mind before going . Should I really go there? No I don't neeed. I'm strong enough!I came back to my desk and just after two minutes my phone rang. It was the last number I dialed in. I just picked up and said - yeah I called up and then somehow it got disconnected. She asked me - if you are looking for Tarot Reading? I told her - yes indeed. And she booked an appointment for me.
The other day I went to her place, the place didnt at all made me feel good. I was more tensed, how could I have come here. But then when we spoke... the tension eased out.
Sometime talking to stranger is more relaxing than with your best friend
She read my cards and then after the discussion she asked me to learn reiki! It would help you!
That was a suggestion and I was totally influenced by it. And there I was at the door of enlightenment!

The Power is Within YOU

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