Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Mornings - The Beauty Of It!

Mornings are just so powerful and spiritual.

Since ancient time we are advised to get up early and get into action, but with the modern age and lifestyle we have sort of being a night person. Hooking to tv, internet, phone or late night calls.

How you start any task does say much about how it would be executed and what would be the end results. Many people start with morning newspaper, and they are all filled with negative thoughts so our mind is at the start of the day disturbed leading to further frustration in case the same person encounters any other problem during the day.

How about starting the day at calm pace and with relaxed thoughts. Again there are many ways of doing so...

  • Reading a spiritual article/book
  • Listening to bhajans
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Prayer
  • Walk

A human mind is just a wired connection which takes input and produces output , so how should be the input? The clean and clear mind is much more capable of inventing..discovering...exploring infinite possibilities which a disturbed mind is not.

Start your note with a fresh note - soak in the energy mornings give you...pure, plain,true,bright,energized,simple.... charge yourself and see the results!!

The Power is Within YOU!

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