Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Doubt Bigger Than FAITH

It was during my Reiki classes that I asked - Maa, how can you be sure that it can be done? And she replied to me, when your FAITH is bigger than your doubt, all executions are possible.

This statement was like golden words for me.

How many times we ourselves doubt our own existence?

I'm fat!!
I'm not goodlooking!!
I may not clear my exams!
My promotion is due, but dont see any possibilities
I'm suffering from this ailment or the other
And the list can go on and on...
Then, why should we blame or feel bad about it? We believe these things and so we receive back the same. Shouldn't we believe in ourselves more than anybody else. Nobody can know your potential unless you believe it yourself..so lets show that to world that I believe in myself and can do anything and achieve all that I desire and deserve.

Remember - The Power is Within YOU!

The Power is Within YOU!

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