Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Is Reiki Working?

Many of my student had asked me this question, Its not working for me somehow, or How do I know reiki is working?

I don't have a definite answer, trust me as we are so much out of touch of our prana and mind, that we always have a doubt on our instincts and behavior.We mostly are slaves of our minds, or our doubts and start applying logical thinking to any solution we see.

So above statement holds good for Reiki as well, its an energy vibrating at "x" frequency, is it working on me? How do you know? Unless I see some positive results, or some miracle happening. That's not the only sign of its working.

Reiki works at a very deeper level, which to experience also we need to practice it for years and actually feel its vibration, now I don't mean that people who believe or feel some vibration, or heat, or itchiness is all fake during reiki practice but what I mean to say is you really need exhaustive practice to actually feel it at physical level.

If a person is practicing Reiki or taking healing sessions, Reiki is Flowing  for sure, but would that person feel it depends [ on following] and may vary from one individual to another:

  • Mental State
  • Receptivity
  • Nature of his work
  • Past Seeds 
  • Practice Session
If the above points are in good shape, and still person has doubt, consider following :

  • Was the Attunement proper? If you have a doubt, you can ask your teacher to attune you again or may be you can look for new teacher as well.
  • Be Patient
  • Trust, Trust and Trust yourself. Trust that the Reiki is flowing.
  • Practice it positively, daily
  • Jot down your feelings during the reiki practice session and if possible analyse them

And for sure it would pay off :)

The Power is Within YOU!

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