Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Energy Accumulation Meter

Have any of us fathomed the thought that how much negative energy we accumulate all through out the day. This accumulation which is of years than take the form of sickness or fears, anger and depression, which when treated by chemicals just work on physical layer which suppress pain just at physical level.

So lets take a look at our one day routine for an adult , say of age 28 . We'll assign +10 for each positive contribution and -10 for each negative contribution.

Wake up 

Happy and delighted to start your day [+10]

Ohh no, weekend is still away [-10]

Kick Start your day

Walk/Yoga/Gym/A hug and a kiss to your spouse [+10]

Newspaper - murder,rape,market crash [-10]


Wow, a healthy break fast with all your family members [+10]

No time. Meeting in next 20 mins. [-10]

Parking lot/Public Transport/Office Cab

Thankful to lord for providing the luxury of car/Thankfully bus is here /Thankful for getting the luxury of office cab [+10]

Who the hell has parked this vehicle in front of mine/This bus always has to come late/This cab is really the worst service [-10]

On Your way to Office 

Listening to music relaxed and calm [+10]

Oh damn, again my boss would scold me [-10]

On Reaching Office 

Meeting and greeting people with a smile [+10]

I don't want to see his face. Too much attitude [-10]

In a meeting for the arguments

I agree that we can disagree on this point and definitely we can try it out if that works [+10]

How dare you. I have decided and this is final [-10]

During Tea-Break [while talking about company,team and in general about work]

I'm really happy and grateful to work here [+10]

What a crap work I have to do, and this company is for sure going to be bankrupt [-10]

During work review by you of your team member

You have done quite good and really thankful for your efforts, but I feel we can add couple of more things[+10]

How many years of experience you have , is this a deliverable. [-10]

During your work review by your boss

I'm thankful for your feedback. will update and get back to you soon[+10]

He doesn't knows anything [in his heart] [-10]

On your returning journey from work to home

Wow, completed this much . thankful for such a nice day [+10]

What a tiring day. I'm bored of this office and work [-10]

On reaching home

A big hug to your spouse/child or a big smile to your parents [+10]

Started scolding your child or your maid [-10]

Your free time

family time/your hobby/walk [+10]

Watching TV aimlessly in a bad mood [-10]

Dinner Time

Wow, a healthy and light dinner with all your family members [+10]

Eating while watching TV. [-10]

Sleep Time

thankful for such a nice and calm day. Looking forward for another one [+10]

What a tiring and exhausted day it was.[-10]

So whats the score you got?

The Power is Within YOU!


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  1. A nice post. All the ingredients for a peaceful and happy life is available within us yet v remain unsatisfied. Like the plus and minus :)